Scott Blagden

Rare Soul & Saturday Night Disco

When I was 8 years old, I could see no other future than spending my life on the radio, I was obsessed! I was given a karaoke machine as a Christmas present and rather than torture the family with my screeching, I set it up on my bedroom windowsill along with a second cd player.  To my poor neighbours’ credit, they didn’t complain at the radio shows I’d broadcast out of my window for hours upon hours.  As I got older, and the days became colder to have that single glazed window wide open, I ventured into my own Internet radio show. My dad was always incredibly supportive along with my mother and I remember I asked my dad what he thought my station should be called. He was stood over the bin peeling potatoes for chips and he said “No idea”. Now this was a very common response from my dad but it birthed “N.I Radio”. I spent the next couple of years honing a craft of broadcasting by myself.

At age 11 I managed to get onto a course for would be radio producers and completed my level 2 qualification in radio production. Over the next 3 years I went from strength to strength on the radio and was the youngest Radio DJ in the UK working with various stations and I even got to interview some incredible people. It’s an experience I look back on fondly.

Unfortunately, life takes over sometimes and mistakes get made. I fell out of radio and said goodbye to the mic until now. It’s funny how no matter what you do in life, the most comforting thing is to go back to what you love and that’s why I’m so glad to be back on the radio playing the music I love.

Join me every Tuesday 1 to 3pm for my ‘Rare Soul’ show and my Saturday show ‘Saturday Night Disco’  8 to 10pm.❤️

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