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Good Groove

Greetings all,

My awakening to the ‘Good Groove’ is probably down to my older sisters and the music they were playing, when I was an annoying wee nipper.

My real passion for the groove cultivated through my late teenage years, during my early twenties. Frequenting various night clubs discos around London, the south east of England, following soul DJ’s. Clubs that come to mind are: Crackers on Wardour St, Zero 6 in Southend, Tiffany’s in Purley, Zens in Dartford, Goldmine on Canvey Island, Lyceum in the Strand and the Royalty in Southgate. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the Radio London Soul Night Out. Also, many a Blues Reggae parties around London, invited or not. Nowadays if ever, I do manage a Saturday night out, upstairs at Ronnie Scotts (Funky Nation) or The Soul Shack in Monument.

Actual DJing wise, I’ve been playing, learning, loving the groove, funk, neo-noul, northern (I prefer to call it 60’s soul), reggae, go-go, rap (pre 1999), R & B, deep house, soukous, others for many years.

On my radio shows, I frequently like to conduct one of my ‘Specials’. It could be a tribute to an artist,
genre or event.

I’ve gotta say, since Revo introduced me to Love Soul Radio London, I’ve really loved the music that the DJ’s play here and they certainly know their stuff.

Join me DJ Fly n Groove for my ‘Good Groove’ show on Tuesdays between 9 and 11pm (UK time).❤️

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