Peter Welsh

Peter Welsh


Thank you for spending the time to read my biog, firstly a warm welcome from myself and of course the whole LSR crew with a massive thank you to you the listeners tuning in and making the whole experience a pleasurable one.

Now about my roots, my name is Peter but friends call me Dubzy, this nickname originally came from my building a VW Golf GTi Show car many years ago and having an interest in music and so Dubzy was born, I love my vinyl which consists of a range of genres but I enjoy playing mostly Funky/Soulful House, Funk, Soul, R&B, Reggae & Lovers Riddims experimenting in live mixing and mashing dance music intended to get you up n shaking your groove tings.

My vinyl ranges from late 1970’s through and beyond 2000 and still growing consisting mainly of 80’s, 90’s and 00’s old skool flavas, my mum (Monica) in her late 80’s is still digging in crates within charity shops and markets, bless her she knows what to look for over these years and has been my best supporter, love her to bits for grabbing a good find xXx.

I remember back in the day carrying my mums Sharp ghetto blaster around with friends listening to the next big track and spending my wages to buy vinyl from our local record shops.

Radio stations like Radio Invicta, CruiseFM, Horizon/Solar, LWR and of course Kiss FM from way back in the day as pirate radio stations and the likes of many Dj’s Paul ’Trouble’ Anderson (RIP) Trevor Nelson, Coldcut, Bobby and Steve, Jazzie B and Norman Jay plus of course Richie Rich and Dave Rodigan were all big influences for me.

Big thanx to Neil @ Love Soul Radio for allowing me to spin my 1210’s and be part of this fantastic crew, feel free to interact and above all have fun listening and locking in.

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