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Chris Guscott

My love for reggae and soul music found me starting up my own mobile disco back in 1973. A few years later I was getting into hospital radio and also recorded about thirty shows for transmitting on Radio Sunshine International,a shortwave pirate station.
Sadly it was raided one summers afternoon and all the equipment confiscated. By this time I was DJing in a local club and doing some fill ins at the Belvedere and Windsor Safari Park playing Disco and Soul.
At this time I would be frequenting many clubs in the local area including my favorite, Pantiles in Bagshot.
Like many things in life that change your direction, I hung up the headphones, until back in the early 2000’s I rekindled my love for playing the music and started again with friends parties and a few paid gigs in between.
Although my tastes have stayed the same I do now enjoy a much wider genre of music, Like all DJ’s I love to share my music and hope that you can join me on Love Soul Radio London, for the ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ every Thursday 10-Midnight.
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