Chris Lawrence

Recipe for Soul

Hi I’m Chris Lawrence presenter of the ‘Recipe For Soul Show’ on Love Soul Radio London, where I take all the music our station stands for, mix it up, to make a unique 2 hour show.

I was born in the early 60’s in Hertfordshire, very early 60’s. I grew up listening mostly to radio. There were not many Radio Stations about then, but I can remember taking my little battery powered radio to bed with me, turning it down low (so my mum couldn’t hear) to tune into Pirate Radio Station, Radio Luxembourg on Medium Wave not DAB or internet, because they played music that was so different to the stations in the UK.

Growing up I was influenced by bands like Earth, Wind And Fire, The O’Jays, Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes to mention just a few, and of course Luther Vandross, and believe it or not Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

During my teenage years, I would be wearing what was fashionable then, flares, tank tops and would go to the local Youth Club or Community Centre to have a dance. After leaving School and getting a career, I was then able to earn money to buy records to play and a car so I could go to nightclubs. Of course being in a car the only way to play music was through your Cassette Tapes and Graphic Equaliser.

I got into Playing music to people through my Brother, the vinyl would be already to go, set out at angles in their cases, so you knew what to play and in what order.

When Soul Music became more mainstream you could listen on the radio to such DJ’s as Robbie Vincent, Greg Edwards and Froggy to name just some. These DJ’s have had a great influence on me as much as the music and now I am very happy to be part of the Love Soul Radio London team.

Catch my show Sunday morning 9am until 11am UK Time. XX❤️


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