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Hi, I’m Jerry Belcher and thank you for stopping by to read my profile. Music is a big part of my life and I do like a wide range of genres of music. If it gives you a buzz, then it can’t be bad. Soul, jazz funk, funk and all its derivatives is my primary music to turn to and my first 12-inch single purchase was T Connections ‘Do What You Wanna Do’.

My interest in music and DJing all stem from my late brother Nick and like all little brothers he was my influence into it all, where he started out back in the early 70’s carrying the gear in the back of an old Morris Minor.

I gradually became more involved until we got together full time with the mobile disco for a number of years playing all sorts of venues and genres of music, all the time my interest in the soul music scene developing all the time and getting into the club scene and the music. As we get older and leave that stage of life behind, I carried on DJing on and off keeping my hand in as they say.

Radio fascinates me as a media outlet, since back in the 60s and the pirate radio of the day, and like many of the youth back then used to listen on your transistor radio quietly in case your Mum heard you. Now with the ability to broadcast and communicate to the world via the internet makes it even more fascinating. I always think that If you make somebody smile laugh and be happy by doing something just for a few seconds…….that’s priceless.

Now, I have been given the opportunity to do that by being invited to join the fantastic DJ team on Love Soul Radio London.

As the saying goes “that’s one off the bucket list!”

Join me on my Sunday 3-5pm on my ‘The Soul In One Show’

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