Gary Davies

Soul Bonanza

I have been a DJ since the early days when we carried around the Vinyl to do our job, days of white labels and music that was rare.

I started DJing on one old deck and had to learn how to talk. I went up to London and worked the major clubs and Pubs like the amazing Under the Arches and The Chelsea drugstore.

I met so many people and loved my DJ life and went on a Northern trip to Denmark, Norway etc. I did the scene for a year out their in Paradise.

I ended up in France where l worked in Metz and St Tropez, where l met the amazing Donna Summer and worked at a couple of clubs their as well.

I moved on to the North and ended up in Switzerland where l did my thing and living there for 14 years, after being named the ‘Ouvre Boîte’ which translates to the DJ that opened all of the best discos.

I loved my DJ life and had so many fabulous meetings with the stars of my youth, Montreux Jazz was the only place to be every summer and l was always to be found in the Musicians Bar where many things happened.

I started Radio work in France and Switzerland and got married, a change of lifestyle but kept involved in music and here l am in the UK after so many years out of this Country.

Now retired but love my music and love life as well, got lots to talk about on the radio and will share the best Motown sounds available..

You can catch me on my Monday 2 to 4pm ‘Soul Bonanza’ show ❤️

Gary Davies