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Hello my name is Kate but most call me Kat.

I been a DJ for many years 17 to be exact. I started out on a Classic Rock station that I would listen to all the time. I love Music it is a way to calm the Soul and take away the Stress of the Real World we live in today.

My love for Jazz came back in 2011 when I would go to the Summer Jazz Fest in my Town. Something about Jazz touched my soul like nothing else would. So, I began doing some Jazz on my Own Radio Station and funny others came to listen to it.

I have always like Blues that is a music all of its own. I actually love all kinds of music except Rap of course(lol). I am more of a Classic Music lover then anything.  I am a Retired RN and a full-time Single Mother to a Teenage Daughter. I do battle Cancer but I believe someday I will beat it and win that race for sure.

I live in Washington State (U.S.A.) Thought Originally, I am from Upstate New York. If I have any advice for you it is to “Live Life to the Fullest and follow what Dreams you have”. Because Tomorrow is not always Promised to us.

I look forward to bringing you all to the Kat’s Cafe’ Friday’s 2 am UK / 9 pm EST. Stay Jazzy!!

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